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Cell C another winner in contract to provide mobile services to government

Cell C

Cell C has been appointed as one of the preferred mobile communication service providers to the South African government for the next five years. This announcement follows MTN on Tuesday revealing that its bid to provide state entities with mobile services under the new RT15-2021 contract was also successful.

National Treasury originally issued a request for proposals for the new mobile services contract in October 2020.

One of its main requirements was that civil servants get completely uncapped mobile Internet access, in addition to a maximum spending of R500 per user. The contract will succeed the previous exclusive five-year agreement government had with Vodacom, and will be effective from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2026.

Cell C CEO Douglas Craigie Stevenson said the appointment reflected confidence in Cell C’s brand and the tenacity of the company.

Cell C

“This award marks a significant milestone for Cell C and is testament to our understanding of the needs of government and tailoring innovative solutions that matter to them, with extra value,” Stevenson said. I’m extremely proud of the effort our team put into Cell C’s proposal,” he added.

Cell C network strategy
Cell C said that the National Treasury made special mention of Cell C’s commitment to local supplier development and corporate social investment initiatives in awarding the tender.

Cell C Chief Commercial Officer Simo Mkhize said the mobile operators’s network strategy as a significant wholesale aggregator and its roaming agreements with infrastructure providers ensured it met the minimum 80% network population coverage nationwide as required in the tender.

“No longer is Cell C’s focus on networks; it is about collaboration, innovative products and services and better understanding its customers. This is good for competition,” Mkhize said.

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