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Mamabolo meets taxi operators to stop violence with e-hailing cabs

Jacob Mamabolo

In an effort to quell violent confrontations which have left many people dead, Gauteng member of the Executive Council for Public Transport and Roads Infrastructure Jacob Mamabolo has met with representatives of metered taxi operators.

Several people have been killed over the past few years and numerous cars damaged in ongoing turf wars between the operators and e-hailing cab drivers including Uber and Bolt.

“The meeting with this sector, my first in this term, lays an important foundation for addressing issues that relate specifically to the tumultuous relations between metered taxis and e-hailing services,” Mamabolo said in a statement.

“These engagements are quite crucial if we are to integrate all modes of public transport and foster smart mobility.”

Through its Growing Gauteng Together Through Smart Mobility vision, the department of public transport and roads infrastructure says it has prioritized the integration of all modes of public transport to enable the efficient movement of people.

“For way too long, issues arising from the development of new settlements and technologies in public transport have been left to operators,” said Mamabolo.

We, as the sixth administration, have put these at the top of our agenda to intervene, ensure peace and stability in the system as a basis to integrate these modes.”

He said as South Africa’s smallest province in terms of area with a high population density, creating a seamless, integrated system involving all modes of public transport in Gauteng would make traveling more cost-effective and convenient. Mamabolo committed to on-going engagements with the transport sector.

The Bosman public transport station in Pretoria’s central business district has been the scene of frequent violence, with e-hailing cab operators complaining that they are not allowed by metered taxi operators to pick up or drop off commuters in that lucrative area.

“The violence is getting out of hand in Pretoria and with each day, it is becoming more and more dangerous to be an Uber or Taxify driver. What is worse is that now, even a member of the public driving his/her Toyota Corolla, Toyota Etios or Nissan Almera can be pelted with stones and sjamboked at Bosman because these cars are believed to be Taxify or Uber,” said a Taxify driver who requested to be anonymous.

There is a police station at Bosman station but the police officers there are busy with something else.”

-African News Agency (ANA)

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