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DJ Black Coffee says Africa Rising was like fulfilling a calling for him

DJ Black Coffee

DJ Black Coffee’s personal life has hogged headlines over the past week but he’s here to remind Mzansi what he’s all about. The globally renowned DJ took to social media to reminisce about one of the concerts that set him apart as a DJ in SA, Africa Rising.

Looking back, Black Coffee explained that he had learnt great life lessons through that concert and that sometimes it’s not about is achieved (as in numbers or records) but about what is fulfilled within a person.

DJ Black Coffee
Africa Rising (was like) watching a vision come to life. When I think about my career and the things I’ve done in my life… I always think of achievement versus fulfilment. Africa Rising wasn’t about what we achieved… it was about the calling that we fulfilled together with the team and artists that were involved,” he said.

DJ Black Coffee

The concert was a huge success and Black Coffee rocked the stage with a full string orchestra and a band. Plus he had different artists such as Bucie, Zakes Bantwini and Soulstar, among many others.

Here’s a clip from the concert.

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