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Calisto’s Atlas Junction Beef Ribs are to Die For!

Calisto's Beef Ribs

When I heard about the beef ribs from the Portuguese restaurant Calisto’s on 94.7 I thought I should try them. I called and made a reservation before driving to Atlas Junction (yes it gets that busy)

Upon arrival, the friendly staff took us to our table. We didn’t need a lot of time to decide what we wanted, we wanted to try out the beef ribs.

We ordered the 800g beef ribs for R219.95. We had an option of 3 sides with the ribs and we were allowed to choose 2. You can choose either chips or vegetables or rice and all these are served on a board which makes the whole meal interesting.

I made my choice of the sides and I was impressed with how quickly we got our food. With my first bite of the ribs, I had already my up my mind, that these are the best ribs I have ever had.

The texture, the sauce and the taste, these are definitely the best ribs in town. The manager and the waitress came to check on us as we enjoyed our beef ribs and a nice drink. Yes, you also have a wide range of drinks and cocktails to choose from to go with your ribs.

The desserts on the menu also seemed interesting. Though in my case after downing 800g of beef ribs, I could not order any desserts. We paid our bill and we were off… We will definitely come back for more ribs. Thanks to 94.7 we got to know of this amazing place that serves beef ribs and is also Halaal.

Calisto’s Atlas Junction is definitely the place to visit if you want Halaal food and especially beef ribs.

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