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Steers Emperors Palace ruined my Wacky Wednesday Experience

Steers Emperors Palace ruined my Wacky Wednesday Experience and I don’t know if they have improved. A few weeks ago I decided to try the Wacky Wednesday from Emperors Palace Steers.

As I was in a hurry I bought take away and my first disappointment came when I just sat back in the car. I bought 2 Wacky Wednesdays and some Large Chips but the chips I received were not large. I could literally count the chips in that box and I was very disappointed to have paid R25.50 for such.

Steers Chips
Those are supposed to be Large Chips

I bought beef and Chicken Burgers. I am sure all people who eat Steers Burgers know that they have a distinct taste. My other surprise came when I tasted the chicken Burger, It tasted nothing like a Steers Burger. I heard my wife complaining about the beef burger and I thought let me try that too. It tasted like they used patties that are not real beef. The burger tasted plain and at that moment I felt like this was a loss. I took it to twitter…

They were nice enough to respond and gave me a reference number. A few days later the Manager of Steers Emperors Palace called me and asked me about my experience. I told her about the chips and the burgers. She told me that the burgers were not their problem as they also receive burger patties from the head office.

I stopped her at that instance and explained to her why I had complained. I didn’t complain because I wanted free food, I complained because I wanted them to improve their service. Emperors Palace is a premium location and having people complain will only affect their business. I wonder who else has experienced such at Emperors Palace Steers?

The case was marked as solved but I am not sure if they have improved their service. I will check soon and update you here. I hope they have improved though because those burgers tasted nothing like steers!