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Twitter makes fun of Bonang Matheba’s Zulu – It is a XhoZulu mix

Bonang Matheba

Media personality and businesswoman, Bonang Matheba, is known for connecting with her fans.

The local celeb recently made fans giggle when she spoke broken Zulu in an episode of Being Bonang. One fan called the language Bonang used, a “XhoZulu mix”.

Beloved South African media personality and business woman, Bonang Matheba, has a reputation for having a special connection with her fans.

Mzansi’s Queen B recently had a good chuckle with her followers when someone pointed out the strange version of Zulu that Bonang was speaking on her reality TV show, Being Bonang.

A fan named Zimkita shared a clip from the show, where Bonang was attempting to speak in Zulu, and called the moment “hella funny”.

In true Bonang style, Queen B joined in the giggles and assured fans that her Zulu speaking is getting “better” every day.

Briefly.co.za saw that many fans fondly teased Bonang for her unique version of Zulu, with some suggesting that some Xhosa slipped into her dialect.

Others were just in love with Bonang’s infectious energy on the show.

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