Black Coffee shares his passion for Africa on The Daily Show

Award-winning producer and DJ Black Coffee appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. The star shared the inspiration behind his successful career and his passion for Africa.

DJ Black Coffee

Speaking on his success, Black Coffee explained that it was fueled by his poor background. He shared in part: “It’s knowing hunger and knowing that you have experienced it and you don’t wanna go back there. That is what has kept me going. That is what has gotten me to where I am today.

DJ Black Coffee

On his passion for Africa, he shared that he’s building a school to change the perception of Africa. He said in part: “We tried to change the narrative about the continent where, maybe it is our fault we’re always seen, Africa as an inferior place. All the best things were on TV which means they were here in America or Europe. And, it took away so much from the continent and we’re trying to reverse that and create a space in Africa that will inspire Africans to want to stay and create a future.

Here’s a look at the full video.

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