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List of top 10 countires with the biggest Pen!ses

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Men, from birth, have always been competitive. Remember how you often bragged about something being cooler, faster, or bigger?

According to human anatomy, that can be traced to a man’s DNA. Men are and will always be competitive.

And, part of that competitiveness lies in the quantifying of things.

My mom’s car is bigger than yours, remember that?

Bigger has always been better and that has spilled to the size of our manhood.

The ETI-Insider publication has looked at which countries in the world have the biggest 4-5s.

Its findings are based on the average 4-5 size, public perception, and image.

Before we give you the list, the publication highlighted some interesting findings.

Firstly, the global average 4-5 size is 13cm, which is the size of the display on an iPhone 6 Plus.

Secondly, South America is arguably the most gifted continent, with an average of 11cm.

Lastly, only 3% of men worldwide are dealing with an over 16cm 4-5 and only 6% need extra-large condoms.

So, here are the countries with the biggest 4-5s on average:

  1. Democratic Republic of Congo – 18cm
  2. Ecuador – 17,5m
  3. Ghana – 17,24.
  4. Venezuela – 17cm
  5. Columbia – 17cm
  6. Lebanon – 16,7cm
  7. Jamaica – 16,2cm
  8. Panama – 16,2cm
  9. Peru – 16cm
  10. Puerto Rico – 16cm

-daily sun

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