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Big Nuz’s Danger finds himself in danger on eHostela


Big Nuz’s Danger finds himself in danger on eHostela. The Big Nuz member has been posting a number of pictures on his Instagram account, which has been his confirmation that he’s directing all his energy not only on music but in acting as well. Which we’re quite sure is pretty exciting for him considering that this is his first acting gig ever.

Well would you look at that, Danger is making even bigger moves in the TV industry now. Speaking to Isolezwe, Danger has expressed how excited he is to have embarked on this new acting venture on Mzansi Magic’s latest series eHostela alongside other artists such as L’vovo and Pastor Mjosty.

Danger Danger also told the publication that his new stint on eHostela has encouraged him to take on more acting opportunities in the future. However, he will choose which characters he wants to play as he respects the craft of acting as it is a very challenging craft to perfect.

Big Nuz Danger

If you’re worried that he’s acting career will now take precedence over his music career, don’t be. Danger has assured people that he’s still very much into his music and has even released a new single titled – Versace.

Danger will be playing the role of a hitman who is part of the Msinga hitmen on the show.