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Basetsana Kumalo responds to interview criticism – I’m a huge supporter of Zozibini Tunzi

Basetsana Kumalo and Zozibini Tunzi

Basetsana Kumalo has called on South Africans to stop fuelling negativity after outrage over comments she made towards newly-crowned Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi during an audition on Presenter Search on 3 in 2018. Bassie topped the Twitter trends list after parts of the audition with Zozi and her presenter partner went viral. In it, the beauty queen asked how Bassie wanted to be addressed. She responded: “You’re gonna call me Mama B, darling. I’m as old as your mother, probably.

Basetsana Kumalo and Zozibini Tunzi

As the video went viral, people called out Bassie for what they said was her condescending’ manner. Bassie has refuted this, insisting she helps grow and uplift young women. I mentor young people and have done so for over two decades. I have seen many rise to their fullest potential in different industries. Seeing Zozibini wear the well-deserved Miss Universe crown is a moment we all should be celebrating and applauding. SA is on the world stage once again with the Rugby World Cup and now this African woman has brought immense pride to not only to SA, but the continent as a whole.

She said South Africans should be focusing on the good. This is what we should be focusing our collective energies on — not taking history out of context. Zozi has redefined the ideals of beauty in pageantry, has broken the mould and rewritten history. In the statement released by Bassie, she said the video was taken out of context and reactions to her response had been disappointing.

Basetsana Kumalo

“During the interview, I was tasked with pushing the Presenter Search on 3 contestants out of their comfort zone, as is the nature of the show, and see how quickly they think on their feet and think when they’re under pressure. We, as the interviewees, were briefed to put the finalists through their paces and that’s exactly what I did with Zozi.” Bassie reaffirmed her support for Zozi and applauded her achievements.

Zozibini Tunzi

“She has affirmed that black children’s dreams are valid. I am a huge supporter of Zozi and have nothing but praise for the woman she is and all she has achieved. It would be wonderful if, as a country, we could allow her to shine instead of trying to fuel negative stories. We have so much to be positive about with all the incredible achievements of young role models in our country.

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An interview that formed part of a challenge during the Presenter Search on 3 competition was taken out of context and Kumalo was attacked for what was perceived as her rude demeanour.

Basetsana Kumalo

Former Miss South Africa turned media mogul Basetsana Kumalo has been labelled rude, among other things, after an old interview with Zozibini Tunzi resurfaced. Read more

Source: Timeslive