Home Accidents One critical, six injured in bakkie vs truck crash

One critical, six injured in bakkie vs truck crash

bakkie vs truck crash

At 19H53 Saturday night Netcare 911 responded to reports of a collision on the R622 in Mooi River in the KZN Midlands region.

Reports from the scene indicate that a light delivery vehicle and a heavy motor vehicle were involved in a collision.

bakkie vs truck crash

One person sustained critical injuries, another six people sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate.

Due to the nature of the critically injured patients condition a Netcare 911 specialised helicopter ambulance was called to the scene to airlift the patient to hospital for specialised care.

bakkie vs truck crash

Various ambulance services transported the six other patients to hospital for the treatment they required.

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Source: Shawn Herbst, Media Liaison Officer, Netcare Limited, Netcare 911