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Pictures of Muvhango Actor KK and his Gorgeous wife

MacDonald Ndou

Macdonald Ndou was thrust into the spotlight several years ago when he bagged the role of KK on Muvhango and since his first stint on the show, he has solidified himself as one of the most famous actors in South Africa.

Macdonald Ndou

The actor who got married in 2018 is super-private about his life but sometimes, just sometimes, he shares snaps of him and his wife. The fiercely private actor managed to keep the exciting news under the radar up until today when one of his friends shared pictures from the special day.

Macdonald Ndou

Tshinondiwa Thovhakale decribed the special occasion, which apparently took place two weeks ago as a “Venda love story”.

Macdonald Ndou

While Macdonald’s character KK is hugely popular for his scheming evil ways and his cheap suits, the actor proved once again that he’s the complete opposite of KK on so many levels.



Macdonald pulled out all the stops on his special day, wearing a deep purple suit, while his bride looked breathtaking.

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