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All you need to know about Telkom’s new uncapped fibre products

Telkom has launched new high-speed fibre packages for existing and new customers which offer much better value-for-money.

These new fibre products follow Openserve’s speed upgrades and price changes on its Fibre Connect and Openserve Copper Connect product offerings on 1 March.

Telkom has launched a new 25 Mbps uncapped fibre service from R399, while its 50Mbps service now costs R699.

Existing Telkom fibre-to-the-home customers will automatically be upgraded to the new, improved packages for free. In some cases, they will get more than double the speed.

Telkom Best Data Deal

Telkom’s new unlimited fibre-to-the-home bundle pricing has been updated as follows:

10/5Mbps moves to 25/5Mbps at R399 per month
10/10Mbps moves to 25/25Mbps at R449 per month
20Mbps moves to 50Mbps at R699 per month
50Mbps moves to 100Mbps at R899 per month
100Mbps moves to 200Mbps at R1,169 per month
Customers on 200Mbps will get a discount on their bundle since they cannot have their speed bumped up. They will now pay R1,169 instead of the previous R1,399.

Telkom said the price changes for existing customers will be affected during March.

Telkom has also extended the promotional offers on DSL Unlimited Home Lite (Pure Connect) bundles, with entry speed starting from R199 for a 5Mbps service.

This price is, however, only valid for the first six months after which it increases to R329 for the remainder of the contract term.

Customers already on these offers will also benefit from the promotional prices:

10Mbps from R299 for the first 6 months, thereafter R599
20Mbps from R399 for the first 6 months, thereafter R699
40Mbps from R499 for the first 6 months, thereafter R899
Openserve has identified a base of existing DSL Customers on the Copper Connect offers that will qualify for a free speed migration based on the network capability.

The speed migration started from 1 March 2021 and identified customers will be communicated to as the services are upgraded.

Steven White, executive for product development and management at Telkom, said they started to migrate customers from legacy copper infrastructure a couple of months ago.

“Fibre will become a part of our strategy to improve customers’ connectivity experience,” said White.

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