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AKA on returning to Twitter for advice: I still care what you think


AKA has been scarce on these Twitter streets lately, but on Thursday morning he remembered the Megacy and decided to include them in his upcoming music-making process. He realised their opinions are important … after all. The Jika hitmaker took to the TL to share the progress he has made on his next musical offering. He also shared details about the project that he hasn’t shared before.


AKA explained that he realised he really wanted the Megacy to feel included in his process
Sorry to always tweet at these times but this is when I normally finish working and wanna hear what you think of my sh*t… imagine that?! I still care what you think,” he said.


Then he tweeted his current music plan, before asking the Megacy to share their thoughts. I rate I’m gonna do a 10 track for the summer. Like 3/4 ‘trap’ records for the young ones/for the mosh pit… and then like the rest straight signature AKA/Master A sound. What do you think?” he asked.

AKA also opened up about his current challenges as an artist. He said the biggest one at the moment was finding his “niche”
The Megacy was very appreciative that the supa mega looked to them for ideas on what could make his music better.

The rapper’s TL was filled with all sorts of comments and opinions, especially after AKA shared a snippet of one of his upcoming songs.

See some of the interactions below:

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Source: Timeslive


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