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Ntando Duma does not care what people think about her fat mkhaba

Ntando Duma

Ntando Duma recently abashed a fat shamer for trolling her fat belly. The personality and singer doesn’t mind if she loses a fan or two, especially if a lack of respect and boundaries are at play. She will not hesitate to deliver a spicy clap back at trolls. She has proven that time and time again when people would have negative things to say about her daughter Sbahle. Come for her daughter or her, the response won’t be pleasant at all.

Ntando Duma

The lockdown is having its effect on people some negative and some are positive. A fan commented on Ntando Duma’s appearance, expressing how she disapproves of her outfit as it exposes too much of her belly fat. She suggested a new fit is needed to accommodate her ‘fat belly’

The now deleted tweet reads; “I love Ntando Duma but the stomach on lockdown…anyways I feel they should (have) chose a better outfit in terms of body accommodation,” she wrote.

Ntando Duma

The troll even resorted to being spicy by adding the words “I said what I said. Ntando gave a subtle but spicy clap back urging the fan to keep her love and rather use it to love herself more. Your obsession over ME, my body & what I wear is really concerning. Check yourself. Mind yourself & leave others to do what they want to do. Now cut on loving Ntando. Ntando loves herself & her MKHABA. I now think you should rather give more love to yourself. Sending you more love

Ntando Duma

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