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Easy Tips for exercising if you are fasting

The holy month of Ramadaan began on Wednesday, a time of fasting, reflection, and prayer for Muslims globally. Because of the limitations that fasting places on the body, staying committed to your fitness goals during Ramadaan can be tough.  According to NewsChain Lifestyle, experts have confirmed that there are ways to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle even during fasting.

Wondering how to achieve that? HERE are six tips:

Hydrate in the morning

Drinking as much water as possible between Iftar (your sunset meal) and Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) can help reduce your risk of dehydration during the day – especially if you’re planning to work out at some point, according to a personal trainer, and ambassador for Bio-Synergy, Sunny Salique.

Find your golden hour

Fasting is different for everyone, so it’s all about finding the workout time that’s best for you.
Salique said he prefers to train in the evening hours after he’s broken the fast, as it means being able to drink water during sessions and not worry about dehydration.

Try strength training

If you’re a fan of HIIT workouts, it’s tempting to stick to your usual cardio schedule, but it’s advisable to switch to workouts that aren’t so intense – with lower reps and more rest time.

Eat a filling breakfast

“Eat a good breakfast (before sunrise) with complex carbohydrates,” advises Salique.

For Salique, this includes lots of oats and nuts with dates and bananas, as this will give you slow-release energy through the day and keep you fuller for longer. Make time for recovery

Every workout regime needs rest built into it.

Souad Gharib, the owner of women-only personal training service Female Trainer, says it’s all about being strategic.

Gharib goes back to sleep after morning prayer at 5 am and takes a little nap, then exercises at 9 am.

Exercise, even if it’s only for 10 minutes per day

If you don’t have the energy for a 45-minute workout, just factor in whatever gentle activity you can.

“Stretch, do yoga, go for a walk, whatever kind of movement you feel up to doing, just do it,” says body transformation coach Nazia Khatun.

It will help your mental wellbeing, as sitting down all day long, or sleeping can make you feel even more fatigued and tired, said Khatun.

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