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Rami Chuene: No amount of prayer and fasting will help with gender-based-violence

As gender-based violence (GBV) continues to make South African women live in fear, actress Rami Chuene quickly shut down a tweep who suggested women needed to participate in “fasting” for God to hear their cry and end GBV.

Rami Chuene

Rami, who has made it no secret that she believes in God, named female Bible characters when she dismissed the idea that for GBV to stop in Mzansi, women had to fast and pray it away.

The tweep who poked Rami and many other women tweeted: “SA woman, may I humbly request that we couple these GBV protests with a five-day fast from September 21 to 25. No makeup, no weave (Esther 4:16). May God hear our cry and heal our country

Rami Chuene

Rami made it clear the answer for her , and many of her followers, was a firm “no”.”No. No amount of Esther, Ruth, Naomi, Sarah and Mary, not even the bad asses Delilah, Sapphira, Jezebel and mother of deception, Eve, will get me participating in this

Rami women had nothing else of themselves to give to fight the attackmen have launched against them in the form of GBV. She said she was personally not okay with sacrificing the little to nothing she has after giving everything.

“Everything has been taken from women. Everything! How then are we okay to take even the nothing that’s left?”

Rami wasn’t the only one who thought the “fast for five days” approach was outrageous. Actress Bonnie Mbuli was one of many other women who felt the same.

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