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Yung Miami Under Fire Over The Gays Clothing

Yung Miami has come under fire by members of the LBGTQ+ community for selling ‘The Gays’ merch – as some feel it’s disingenuous due to her prior comments. The City Girls rapper announced the new line in a post on Monday (May 13), revealing the clothes will be available on May 17 just ahead of Gay Pride Month. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to GLAAD for LGBTQ programming.

Yung Miami

People in the comments quickly brought up Miami’s 2013 tweet where she said she’d beat her son if she ever saw a hint of gayness in him. She later doubled down on the sentiment in a 2018 interview on The Breakfast Club, as the tweet had initially resurfaced at the time.

In the summer of 2018, several months prior to the Breakfast Club interview, Miami issued an apology on social media for her initial tweet.

“My deepest apologies and heart goes out to those who have that tweet and were offended by that. The City Girls appreciate all of their support no matter what their sexuality is,” she wrote at the time.

Amid getting dragged for allegedly confirming she was still with Diddy despite his legal troubles and a spat with fellow City Girls member JT, Yung Miami found herself on the receiving end of vitriol from the Barbz last month after she allegedly liked a tweet about Nicki Minaj’s husband negotiating the terms of being a registered sex offender.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the “Twerkulator” hitmaker denied inserting herself in any tension and asked to be left alone.

Yung Miami

“I am a grown ass lady with 2 kids & don’t have time to be inserting myself in anything that has nothing to do with me!” she wrote. “I don’t have a problem with anyone please leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!! Every day I wake up on this app it’s something new I am tired!”

It’s been a rough few months for Yung Miami as she was recently named in a lawsuit against Diddy that alleges she was a drug mule for him as well as a “sex worker.”

To add insult to injury, she was then served papers in a separate lawsuit involving the mogul over a song she and JT did with him in 2023 titled “Act Bad.”

Yung Miami

Earlier this year, Diddy was sued by Charlie Cee (real name Charles Kenyatta Jr.) over his use of the phrase “Act Bad.” Cee is seeking $10 million for trademark infringement and breach of contract.

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In Other News – 21 Savage Explains Backstory Behind Face Scar

21 Savage has shared the savage story behind how he got his infamous face scar, and the cause was a tragic accident that could have been a lot worse than what it was. “When I was young, I had gotten into a fight, and I had gold teeth,” he explained in his Instagram Live on Tuesday (May 14). “N-gga hit me in my sh-t right here [points to the side of his face]. And my goddamn lip got caught on my teeth. I had a hole right here.”

21 Savage

He continued: “That’s why I got this scar. That n-gga was way bigger than me. I was probably, like, 14.” Read more