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21 Savage Explains Backstory Behind Face Scar

21 Savage has shared the savage story behind how he got his infamous face scar, and the cause was a tragic accident that could have been a lot worse than what it was. “When I was young, I had gotten into a fight, and I had gold teeth,” he explained in his Instagram Live on Tuesday (May 14). “N-gga hit me in my sh-t right here [points to the side of his face]. And my goddamn lip got caught on my teeth. I had a hole right here.”

21 Savage

He continued: “That’s why I got this scar. That n-gga was way bigger than me. I was probably, like, 14.”

Check out the full Instagram Live below.

In the same Instagram Live, 21 Savage made clear that he said all he needed to say about the controversy between himself and Soulja Boy.

Soulja launched into a vicious rant against the Slaughter Gang boss on Sunday (May 12) after he defended his close collaborator Metro Boomin from a similar online attack. In response to Big Draco calling out Metro over a shady tweet from over a decade ago and giving him 24 hours to delete it, Savage wrote in an Instagram comment: “Or what.”

That led to Soulja setting his sights on the Atlanta rap star on Instagram Live, during which he made violent threats and questioned his street credibility.

21 Savage

“Set the fight up, bitch-ass n-gga! I will beat the fuck out you, 21!” he snarled. “You’s a bitch, n-gga. You want to take it to the streets? I will smoke you. Fuck you talking about, n-gga?

“I really was in the streets. You ain’t even from Atlanta. You think I’ma let a pussy-ass n-gga from Britain talk to me crazy? You lame as fuck, n-gga […] Take your pussy ass back to Britain, bitch.” 21 Savage later hit back on X (formerly Twitter) and began by defending his transatlantic background.

“I been in Atlanta since 1st grade lost my virginity there got shot there in and out of juvenile there and I went from the hospital in London straight to the projects yall think London is rodeo dr lol,” he wrote.

21 Savage

He then called Soulja Boy’s own ties to Atlanta into question and accused him of being a “crackhead.”

“Big Soulja from Mississippi nobody on Simpson know him. boy ain’t been to Atlanta since 2001,” he wrote. “Cocaine is a hell of a drug. crackhead ass n-gga went to jail for having bullets. I aint even know they had a bullet charge.”

21 also posted a screenshot of a news article suggesting that Soulja’s finances were in the red after he was forced to settle his debts by a judge.

“Yall j ass n-ggas better find somebody to play with air bnb living ass lil boy sit yo musty ass down somewhere don’t nobody buy ringtones no more,” he added.

21 Savage

The Savage Mode star also took issue with Soulja Boy wishing Metro a happy Mother’s Day, which was an obvious taunt over the death of his mom. “Speaking on a n-gga mama like shit a game you gone shit on yourself when I see you boy,” he concluded.

Source – HipHopDx

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