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Five myths about body fat you probably believe


Many of us would honestly, yet embarrassingly, accept and admit that we have been victims of health and fitness myths. In the pursuit of desperately losing fat, we fall prey to numerous unauthenticated sources of information. Suggestions and words, particularly from those who appear fitter, impact us the most. Sadly, a major chunk of this advice is unscientific and merely based on popular hearsay. We unknowingly start practising the myths and adopt harsh fitness regimes, only to find ourselves back to square one.

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This can become quite depressing for some. Many times, it makes people simply give up on their fitness goals. So, let’s put to rest some of the worst fat loss myths and give ourselves some peace of mind.

Five myths about body fat
Keto Diet/Low-carb Diet/Paleolithic/Crash Diet is the only way to lose fat: Whenever a new kind of diet is introduced, there is always hype around it. There is no such magic diet that alone can make you leaner. There are also no superfoods that will make the fat melt away. In fact, quite often, we even overlook the bad effects that such diets can have on our health.

Green tea for fat loss: Green tea is essentially a zero-calorie drink. It contains flavonoids but in very small quantities. Just sipping on green tea throughout the day while not managing your diet isn’t going to make you lose fat.

Lemon and honey in warm water on an empty stomach: This myth is as old as the hills. The claim that having hot/warm water in the morning melts fat cells is simply not true. If you want to sip warm water with honey or lemon or anything else in it, you surely can. Just don’t expect any miracle fat loss. Your daily diet plays a key role in reducing the fat portion for the body.

 The more you sweat, the more fat you will burn: This is a favourite of many gym trainers. “Sweat is your fat crying” is fine for your Instagram story but it has no bearing to reality. You need to balance your cardio with weight training and core strengthening to get the perfect result.

 Cardio for fat loss: Here’s the biggest of all myths – whenever you do cardio, you only burn calories during the exercise session. The after-burn effect or the calories that you burn throughout the day after exercise are almost zero if all you do is cardio. So you need to check what you consume and stay active through the day so that new fats don’t get deposited in the body.

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