Home Celebrity News Yao Nice takes over as Miss B00TY Queen – Pictures

Yao Nice takes over as Miss B00TY Queen – Pictures

Yao Nice takes over as Miss B00TY Queen – Pictures. Forget all about Faith Nketsi and Corazon Kwamboka and Eudoxie Yao Nice takes over as Miss B00TY Queen. She is in her own league and demands all the attention.

Yao Nice

Trust me it’s not photoshop or any form of picture editing and yes the Big ASSets are hers… Yao Nice is from Ivory Coast and is believed to be the woman with the biggest backside on the African continent.

Yao Nice

It seems Yao Nice is making her name by posting these amazing pictures and we thought why not share some of the pictures all because she is Africa’s Miss Boooty!

Yao Nice

Former Dancing Queen and now Fitness Bunnie, Faith Nketsi or Kenya’s Corazon Kwamboka have nothing on this curvy beauty, I am sure you all agree.

Yao Nice

Africa’s Most Curvy Woman

She is indeed the most curvaceous socialite in all of Africa and maybe even the World at large.

Yao Nice

Thin waistline and huge curves are the words that come to mind when I want to describe this Curvy African Goddess. What words would you use to describe her? Tell us in Comments…

Be sure to check out what this Zambian Tabloid think of the Curvy Woman Yao Nice….


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