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Video goes viral: Woman s.e.xually abuses old man, bends over him while n@ked

Woman s.e.xually abuses old man, bends over him while n@ked

With the high rate of gender-based violence wrecking South Africa, with mostly women and children being abused on a daily bases, it would be difficult to notice if men are abused by women. Just like what is happening in the video making rounds on social media, of a woman s.e.xually harassing an ‘old man’.

The woman can be seen taking off her shorts and bending butt n@ked in front of a man going about his business. The video has garnered close to a thousand retweets on Twitter with people condemning the lady’s inappropriate behaviour.

Watch the VIDEO here

Here are some of the reactions from the video:

Lerato Pillay wrote; ‘To those angry, why are you angry because IT’S HER BODY? IT’S HER BODY… (SIDE NOTE:) never mind the man, his rights don’t matter, this is South Africa‘.

SammyM instantly slammed Lerato’s comment and said, ‘Beside’s the fact that it’s her body, she is s.e.xually harassing someone’s father or husband. If she has a job or a side hustle l doubt hunger will make her do this BS. This is horable.

The Last GOAT wrote: ‘Don’t give us reasons why she did it. No body knows if she has a job or if she is hungry or what what. All we know is that she harassed this man and she should be arrested. Periodt.

Sipho Sayo Buthelezi wrote: ‘Definitely s.e.xual harassment… But because it a female it will stop here as comments if it was the other way around it would have been a different story…

-News365.co.za, Twitter

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