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Woman Goes Public Claiming D’banj [email protected] Her – #WeAreTired


A woman has gone public with her allegations that Naija superstar D’banj [email protected] her two years ago in a hotel room…

The woman who goes by the Twitter handle @seyitannn claims she decided to tell her story when she was triggered by a social media post made by the singer condemning [email protected]

D’banj posted on Instagram; “#NoMeansNo We Need to raise our sons right and teach them to love and respect women. We need Justice for our girls… Say NO to [email protected]…”

Reacting to the post, the woman detailed the event that happened in late December at the Glee Hotel in Lagos following an all-white party which D’Banj was reportedly attending at another hotel; the Eko Atlantic.

At the event, the woman claimed she met another woman by the name of Oyin who befriended her and her male companion who happened to be D’Banj’s friend.

According to the woman, later on in the evening Oyin claimed D’Banj had spotted her at the party and was keen to spend the night with her, even offering her a large sum of money.

“I bluntly refused because I wasn’t interested,” she tweeted.

What happened next comes as a shocker…

The woman alleges that she went back to her hotel room and fell asleep [email protected], only to wake up to D’banj in her room, who then allegedly proceeded to s.e.xually assault and [email protected] her.

She continued; ” I asked him what he was doing in my room he didn’t say a word and *asked if I was a baby* and started fingering me…

“I went ahead to threaten him that I was going to shout he said if I shout I’ll leave the hotel [email protected], D’banj [email protected] me.”

The woman claimed that D’Banj had gained access to her room with the supposed help of staff. She then claims she met with her friend Oyin and her male friend who reportedly told her not to say or do anything about the incident.

She continued; “The guy was disappointed and begged me to keep quiet and promised me D’banj will call me and apologize… And he gave my friend 100 dollars to give me to take medication”.

“Till today he hasn’t uttered even a word of apology.”

The woman claimed it took her close to 2 years to tell her story and used the hashtag created by Tiwa Savage; #WeAreTired to end off her claims.

She added “I’m so livid and mad seeing a [email protected] being an advocate for [email protected] This is my story and I know there are lots of girls who can’t come out to say their story.

“Don’t be ashamed to say your story it took me 2 years to write my [email protected] story #WeAreTired.

When responding to questions from tweeps asking her why she didn’t report the incident earlier, the woman claimed she was afraid of being victimised and portrayed in a bad light not to go public.

She concluded; “I’m sharing this because I know there are other victims out there who can’t come out to talk and I pray they find their voice”.


D’banj is yet to respond to the allegations.