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#ImStaying crowd funding raises R1 million to feed vulnerable South Africans

The #ImStaying movement inspired millions of South Africans long before the novel coronavirus hit Mzansi’s shores. Now, with a country battling Covid-19, the movement proves to be more vital than ever. Not only have they been sharing inspiring stories on the #ImStaying Facebook page, but the founder, Jarette Petzer, and his team have started an amazing initiative.

With many families feeling the financial burden of the lockdown, #ImStaying saw an opportunity to once again unite the nation and help those in need. On 21 April, #ImStaying started a crowdfunding campaign, I #VouchForYou, to raise money and help those struggling during the lockdown. The initial target was set at R950 000 but it has exceed that and is now just over R1 million. We learnt 1 752 donors from South Africa and abroad helped donate the million – which has thus far helped to feed over 24 000 individuals affected by the lockdown. On the BackaBuddy page, #ImStaying explained how the I #VouchForYou campaign works: “Honouring social distancing guidelines, funds raised by our campaign will be converted into digital food vouchers that can be redeemed at any local Shoprite supermarket.”

Jarette Petzer

Petzer has now shared a message of thanks to those who have donated to make the initiative a reality. He said: “As a community, we have to stick together and try to share the burden those of us who can’t cope. There is only one way through this and that’s together. With our BackaBuddy campaign, we will continue to do our best to help as many people as possible on a first-come, first-serve basis.” Watch the video below:

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