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These are the 7 ways of Cheating in a relationship

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Cheating in a relationship is often generalized and treated in a vacuum. We more often than not rush to the act, but seldom look at the nature of the act.

Many relationship experts agree that cheating in a relationship is wrong and often has dire consequences.

According to psychologist JP Moller, the consequences of the act can be likened to one experiencing a heart attack.

In a podcast interview, psychologist JP Moller looked at seven different types of cheating in a relationship.

Yes, there are seven different ways to cheat on your partner.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Cyber cheating

Sliding into the DMs and swimming in all the dating platforms online while you’re in a relationship is called cyber cheating. According to statistics this is the most common type of cheating and the Covid-19 pandemic was a big contributor to it.

2. Hobby cheating

Ever wondered why your partner prefers to engage in other activities rather than being with you? He/she is hobby cheating and one of the greatest contributors to this type of cheating is pornography.

3. Physical cheating

The most common and most practiced of the seven. This is when one physically cheats on their partner through sexual or other physical contact.

4. Financial cheating

This act involves the splurging of money on people outside of your relationship.

People who splurge this cash are popularly known as “blessers”.

5. Micro-cheating

Flirting, winking and other physical gestures are known as micro-cheating.

6. Emotional cheating

Healthline magazine defines this type of cheating as emotionally investing oneself into someone else.


Like micro-cheating, this also involves non-physical gestures.

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