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Watch: The Gabola ‘Alcohol’ Church reopens its doors Under Lockdown Level 3

Gabola church

The Gabola Church in South Africa which is popularly known as the alcohol or the booze church has reopened for church services in level 3 of the lockdown.

Level 3 of the country’s lockdown allows churches to operate and alcohol to be consumed. It is a win win situation for the church that allows congregants to drink alcohol in church.

Gabola’s founder and self-declared pope, Tsietsi Makiti conducted the church service to a full house. “The church is not about making profit. we are going to baptise you free, we are going to bury you free and marry you free. We are not doing business with the name of Jesus,” he said during the service.

Alcohol church

Asked about the government’s concerns over alcohol during the lockdown, Makiti replied, “Alcohol is not to be pointed fingers at. We must point fingers at the government. They don’t know what they are doing.”

A congregant was asked by Newzroom Africa if they face discrimination in the society because of their church, he responded, “The people don’t discredit me. I’m drinking for deliverance. I don’t see any problem drinking in church. You can never point fingers at us that what we are doing is wrong.

The church was holding its second service since the lockdown started.


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