Wandi Ndlovu claims Davido paid her $200 for servicing him

MacG’s podcast was hosting Wandi and she made claims that she serviced Nigerian superstar Davido. She explained all the internal details of his parts but said she was disappointed as she had thought she would get better compensation.

She also shared another audio of a DJ she offered services. As much as the “scene” was for shock value on a podcast that has stipulated that it is for viewers of age.

Wandi Ndlovu

The question on social media was whether this was going too far to achieve the milestone of a million viewers.

Wandi received national acclaim when she took part in the first season of the Showmax-original reality show This Body Works For Me. At the time, the fiery personality was considered to be playing second fiddle to the then-leading explicit content creator in South Africa Xoli Mfeka.

Wandi Ndlovu

However, if Wandi is set to believe, she alleges that since then, she has overtaken Xoli to claim the top spot.

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