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Vusi Nova a free man

The musician revealed to ZAlebs that he had never been arrested and decided to make an appearance in court, simply because he had done nothing wrong and had nothing to hide.

After making an appearance at the Specialised Commercial Crimes court earlier this week, it was reported that the musician had been arrested along with his close friend Jonathan Searle, however, the musician has gone on to slam those claims saying that he is working on his next project.

“I was asked to come to court and I went court, I had nothing to hide so I went to court. My company was used, this person that I trusted in my life used my company ID for fraud, and how I’m involved in that, the company is mine, so that’s what we’re tryna fight right now…for me, this is embarrassing…this guy literally forged my signature and we can categorically prove that, because we got someone to analyse it, you can just tell that that is not my signature…” he said.

“The guy that did this deed is in jail, he is already in jail for this because he’s wrong, he’s the one that did all of…and that’s why he’s in jail and I’m out here”  he added.

Vusi had recently opened up his company with no direct intentions but had to close it down after his close friend used it to fabricate business deals under his name.

“I closed it down because I realized that this was happening…I just opened the company just to have a company, until this idiot decided to do his own thing.”

Set to appear in court in July, Vusi said that this incident had affected his views on life and had him questioning the intentions of those around him, but looking more on a positive note the musician has been focusing his time on promoting his new single Ndizakulinda and working on other projects.

Source: ZAlebs