#TheQueenMzansi Cleo: My family is holding prayers for me to find a man

The star, who is killing it on screen in her role as Cleo on The Queen, told Move magazine that both her spiritual and biological mothers hold prayer meetings for her because they are scared she might end up with no hubby or children, but that she doesn’t feel pressure to fit into a certain mould.

Actress Thandy Matlaila will soon celebrate her 30th birthday and her family is praying that she finds herself a prince charming and has some kids soon.

Thandy Matlaila

“There’s pressure to achieve certain things. Everyone is making a big deal out of me turning 30, but I feel that it is just a year added to my life.

Thandy said she was misunderstood and wanted children, just not out of wedlock. She added that men were often threatened by an independent woman who isn’t scared to speak her mind.

But Thandy has apparently been warned about voicing her opinions, telling listeners of  Massiv Metro that after an article was published where she spoke out against the exploitation of artists in the acting industry, she received warnings that she would be blacklisted.

“Because of that article, I got calls from people asking ‘Do you want to be blacklisted? You are going to get yourself in trouble!’ I don’t live for the industry. The industry needs to live in me. Until we get that right, this industry will never grow.”

She also won’t be exploited and told Sowetan last year that she turned down a few offers because producers were offering her “peanuts”. She even turned down an offer from a company she had worked with previously.

“They called me four years after our first gig and then wanted to offer me the same rate,” she said. “I obviously declined the offer. That was insulting to me, you cannot do that as if the cost of living is not rising.”

Source: Times Live