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Watch : Vehicle with an ironic number plate crashes into a Cape Town eatery


As if South Africa’s restaurants don’t have enough to worry about at the moment, a popular eatery in Cape Town, that was enjoying a rare busy day during the nationwide lockdown, was badly damaged when a woman drove her car directly into it on Tuesday 4 August.

Gladly no one was injured, so we can take the liberty of pointing out some of the hilarious factors at play here, starting with the fact that the woman’s Jaguar boasted the ironic number plate “2Fast4U”.

An employee of the Botanicum restaurant in Constantia confirmed that nobody had been injured after the woman revved her car and took off at an alarming pace, smashing into pot plants that narrowly protected the stunned guests on Tuesday morning.

CCTV footage shows the woman in the Jaguar F-Type trying to maneuver around a corner, before perhaps getting her foot stuck on the peddle as she took off into the restaurant. It is by no means the best example of parking, but South African’s are certainly keen to get back to restaurants right now.

A widely shared voicenote by an unknown witness alleged that the woman has a bad reputation for showboating in her Jaguar, often seen revving in front of the guests of Botanicum before she parks and goes to her office in the complex. The voice note has not been corroborated, but the man’s testimony of the incident suggests the sender was on hand to see the blunder in action.

“2Fast4U? I think we should change it to “I’ll park 4 U”,” he joked, going on to say that the vehicle in question has annoyed office workers and patrons for some time.

“We’ve always seen this number plate down at the office here, and she pulls up in front of patrons and revs it a little before switching off so they can all hear her V8 [engine],” he said.

“Well, things went badly wrong today and she’s just bloody lucky there was no one sitting at that first table, because she would have killed him.” he said.

He said that one of the patrons who escaped the wreck by the skin of his teeth said that the woman had the “engine roared and the car sped up” into the crowded restaurant.

The car was later spotted by an observant driver on the back of a tow truck, making a drive of shame at a pace that by no means “2Fast4Anyone”.