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Eskom implements various stages of load shedding

Eskom is ramping up rolling power cuts to Stage 3 until 4 pm on Tuesday.

Stage 5 will then be implemented on Tuesday night until 5 am on Wednesday.

The power utility blames breakdowns and a delay in returning some generating units to service.

It adds that the return to normalcy after the Easter weekend break may result in more frequent power cuts at short notice.

Source: eNCA

In other news – Photos: A look into Connie Ferguson’s getaway in Bali

South African actress and entrepreneur Connie Ferguson is on an “eat, pray and love” type of trip in Bali and it’s giving peace-filled solocation.

Connie Ferguson

The actress has been sharing some moments from the trip on her social media pages, and as opposed the usually extravagant and luxurious vacations Mzansi celebs usually take, Connie seems to have taken a different approach. Learn More