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Uzalo actress Dawn Thandeka King quarantines family amid coronavirus outbreak

While many South Africans responded in memes and jokes on social media when the initial news of the coronavirus outbreak hit China over two months ago, it seems people are taking it seriously since the virus has launched itself into our doorstep.

Dawn Thandeka King

“Uzalo” star Dawn Thandeka King has since joined millions of South African in line with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement to contain the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. In a video posted on her Instagram, King who also stars in the hit female prison drama series “Lockdown” is seen with a house full of children with masks.

Dawn Thandeka King

Sending a warning to her fans, she wrote: “Quarantined Be safe. Look after each other. Self isolate if need be. It’s not a joke. Although there’s been several warnings from health professionals at wearing of masks will not help against the spread of the coronavirus, therefore discouraging people from buying and wearing masks, but people are taking every precautionary measure.

Dawn Thandeka King

Taking to Twitter under the hashtag CoronavirusInSA, tweeps are still making light of the situation, while others seems to realise that issue with the virus is serious.

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