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Stellenbosch University student opens criminal case over urinating incident

The 20-year-old complainant in the Stellenbosch racist incident has opened a criminal complaint with the police against a fellow student who broke into his room and urinated on his personal belongings.

First-year Agricultural Business Management student Babalo Ndwayana also wants first-year Law student, Theuns du Toit, expelled.

Ndwayana had recorded Du Toit urinating on his desk, laptop, and study material in Huis Marais dorm room on Sunday.

Seated on Stellenbosch University’s Rooiplein, 20-year-old Ndwayana, explained the hurt he’s feeling following the incident.

“I’m still traumatised and I feel like he took my dignity and violated my rights.”

Du Toit has already been suspended pending an investigation, but Ndwayana believes he should be expelled as this would teach others a lesson.

“They must set an example by expelling him, so others can know that racism is not accepted for blacks and whites.”

Stellenbosch University said a probe by its equality unit should be wrapped up on Tuesday.

As it stands, if a university expels a student for whatever transgression, it can share this information with any other institution in the country.

But Universities South Africa’s Dr Linda Meyer said this was not enough.

She said this should not be limited to public institutions: “But also, where students leave public institutions and go and study at private higher institutions because they don’t have the same checks and balances…


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