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Amanda du-Pont and fiancé Shawn Rodriques explore the beauty of Istanbul

Amanda du-Pont and fiancé Shawn Rodriques are once again soaking up the sun, this time in Istanbul, Turkey!

Turkey ranks among the top travel destinations in the world with its unique blend of middle-eastern and European heritage in an exceptionally beautiful setting plus architectural wonders, fabulous food and famous shopping. And for South Africans, it offers great value for the rand (and a free visa!).

Amanda du Pont in Istanbul
Amanda du Pont in Istanbul

Amanda du-Pont is no stranger to international travel and here are a few of her top travel tips:

How do you prepare for an international trip?

I like to photograph outfits of what I’m going to wear. This way I do not overpack or stress about what to wear while abroad. I just look at images and dress. I’m a free and adventurous spirit, not much prep for me except for making sure travel visas are in order.

Amanda du Pont on the Bosphorous
Amanda du Pont on the Bosphorous

Must-pack item?

My camera and sunscreen!

What were the top 5 things you needed to pack for this trip to Istanbul?

I’ve heard Istanbul is the shopping mecca of the world. So, I will be honest, packing has been so minimal as I’m planning to shop there. I packed beautiful conservative flowy dresses, as I’ve heard it’s quite a special spiritual place. So, I would want to honour that by dressing conservatively.

Amanda du Pont at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
Amanda du Pont at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Which country stands high on your bucket list?

Anywhere I have never been! I am quite the explorer and love to find gems to visit.

What are your top travel tips?

Make sure to check-in online before arriving at the airport. Check local currency you will need for spending. Enjoy, relax, eat and take photos!

Amanda du Pont at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
Amanda du Pont at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

What’s your travel style?

I’m obsessed with cosy outfits for in-flight travel. Sweats, sneakers or slides and a warm comfy jacket in hand luggage in case the plane gets cold.

What’s on your travel playlist?

A wide range… From Jack Johnson to Hillsong to Vybez Kartel.

Some travelling hacks, which is generally not known by people?

Long-distance flights can be exhausting. Try and give yourself an extra day or two on arrival to recover before attempting to holiday.

Amanda du Pont at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
Amanda du Pont at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Travel motto?
Make & plan and just go!

Favourite airline? And why?

Turkish Airlines, of course! I mean have you seen their Business Class offering?! They have an onboard chef! I also love that they offer a free Istanbul Tour for Turkish Airlines passengers with a layover of between 6-24 hours. That’s exploring 2 countries with one ticket!

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