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Union questions plans to teach s-e-x education from Grade 4

The Suid-Afrikaanse Onderwysersunie (South Africa Teachers’ Union) union is questioning the inclusion of sex education from as early as Grade 4. Some teachers are concerned about plans to teach young children about s-e-x.

“We are fully aware of the realities that children are molested, that they are s-e-xually exploited and we are aware of the fact that schools have a role to play in this regard, to teach children and strengthen their knowledge and protect them against any @buse. But the lesson plans go much further than just to inform children about the dangers of molestation and s-e-xual abuse, in fact it promotes a particulars-e-xual lifestyle and we have a serious problem with that”, said the union’s CEO, Chris Klopper.

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Klopper said the proposed curriculum changes could make teachers uncomfortable. Let’s say one of the lessons is that a teacher has to explain or describe to children what the effects of vaginal s-e-x would be, anal s-e-x would be, masturbation and we think teachers would be extremely uncomfortable teaching that,” he said. The Basic Education Education Department is overhauling the Life Skills curriculum for Grade 4 pupils.

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