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Unathi addresses MaXhosa ambassadorship rumours

Idols SA” judge Unathi Nkayi put rumours to rest that she is the face of the global fashion brand MaXhosa. MaXhosa is a South African knitwear brand founded by Laduma Ngxokolo in 2012.

Nkayi took to Instagram on Monday to set the record straight. She confirmed she is a huge supporter of MaXhosa but pointed out that she is not getting the designer garments for free, contrary to popular belief.

She shared snaps of herself donning her signature MaXhosa print skirt paired with a matching crop top after Sunday’s episode of the “Idols SA”.

Nkayi explained why she likes the brand, while she also urged Mzansi to support their local brands.


She wrote: “Allow me to dispel a few rumours that have been living and breathing on some peoples tongues.

“I love South African fashion so much, that I insist on paying for everything I wear.

“I always say to my favourite designers ‘Please use me as your walking canvas and don’t forget to send me the invoice.’ Because art is our wealth.”

She added: “I am and never have been ambassador to and for MaXhosa.

I simply love them and would do anything for them. For many reasons ranging from the fact that we come from the same neck of the woods to the fact that they are a global couture brand and if I don’t push and support them as their big sis then who will?


“Every single person at Maxhosa I honour and love and would do anything for.”

Last week, she also penned a letter to South African men concerning their “silent” response towards gender-based violence and the safety of women in the country.

With the annual 16 Days of Activism against GBV campaign underway, the “Idols SA” judge pointed out how quiet many South African men continue to be when it comes to the issue.

Taking to Instagram, Nkayi shared a black picture with the words “Dear men, may your daughters meet guys like you” with a kissy emoji on it.

The picture was joined with a caption that explained why she was posting the message.

Unathi Nkayi

“This spoke to me in both ways. There are so many amazing men I know and many not so amazing.

“But allow me to keep it to one specific theme, your silence which is so loud when it comes to GBV and our safety.”

Nkayi said she’s been told that perhaps one reason why some men were silent about GBV was that they were unsure whether they were guilty of this in their younger years.

“A male friend once confessed that it’s because some of them don’t know if they were guilty of it in the past when they were young and did not know.

“As I leave you with the reminder that bad things happen when good people keep quiet, I also forgive you for keeping quiet when a woman was being ill-treated in front of you for whatever reason and you kept quiet.”

The radio personality added a strong message to men who abuse women and girls, saying she hopes their daughters become victims of the same acts of violence.

“May your daughters never meet guys like you ’cause she’ll see you for the coward you really are and that would shatter her world.

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