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ActionSA Students Chapter clinch 2 seats at UCT SRC elections

The ActionSA Students Chapter says it is pleased by its electoral showing at the University of Cape Town’s SRC elections, securing two seats.

Independent candidates secured 10 seats, while the dominant EFF Students Command secured three seats in the elections.

An independent candidate is expected to be the new SRC president after the EFFSC has held the position since 2018.

The ActionSA Students Chapter, which was contesting student elections for the first time, said it was pleased with the outcome as it had been handed a campaigning ban in September by UCT’s election committee after it found that the party disobeyed election rules by campaigning prematurely and involving “external influences” in the run-up to the SRC elections.

In a statement they released they said: “We have always held the view that the sanctions imposed on ActionSA Students’ Chapter UCT candidates were a desperate gatekeeping attempt from those who benefit from the status quo to deny the students an opportunity to fully participate in the democratic processes enjoyed everywhere in our country.“

Speaking to IOL, ActionSA Students Chapter Vice Chairman Matthew George said they had exceeded expectations by clinching two seats and over 8400 votes.

He said the ActionSA Students Chapter was only formed in August and the electoral performance had left them confident.

“Our priority as ActionSA Students’ Chapter has always been to enhance the rights of the students and the quality of student life, including the education standard at the University of Cape Town.” He said.

He outlined that the they believe that students of UCT have rejected the EFFSC which has been in power with an outright majority since 2018.

“We would like to acknowledge the students for showing the unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the current student’s leadership organisation.” George said.

UCT SRC seats allocation:

1. EFFSC 3 seats

2. ActionSA 2 seats

3. DASO 0 seats

4. Independent candidates 10 seats


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