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Uber not change ride prices yet #FuelHike

The company said they are not adjusting fares yet until they have solutions in place to help drivers. Due to the recent fuel price increase in South Africa Uber will revise its fuel incentives, on Monday, to offset the additional weekly costs incurred by full-time drivers.

An Uber spokesperson said the recent fuel increase will impact on everyone in South Africa, regardless of their industry, however, their teams are working hard every day to ensure drivers using their app continue to thrive.

Uber said they always monitor fares and examine consumer price sensitivities to ensure fares are correctly priced so that riders continue to take trips and drivers have access to more fare paying passengers.


Incentives: Drivers have access to rewards that help them reduce costs and keep more of their earnings. This exclusive programme provides deals such as fuel rebates, cell phone packages, maintenance and health care.

Insurance: Uber has introduced partner injury protection for drivers and deliver-partners with Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited at no additional cost to the drivers. This will help to keep drivers operating costs down so drivers earnings can go further.

Fares: Earlier this year (July 2018) Uber increased the minimum fare for uberX rides throughout South Africa from R20 to R25. This increase will ensure trips remain worthwhile for drivers.

Service Fee: Uber is currently increasing out Tiered Service fee for drivers. The more trips completed by a driver-partner and the higher their rating, the lower their weekly Uber service fee is.

Uber said they are committed to the partnership with drivers and were working hard daily to ensure their businesses continue to succeed.

Source: IOL News

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