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Here are the 5 types of Pun@nis


I have often said that there are two things that make the world go round. The obvious, money, and of course, the pun@ni.

I know many might be taken aback by this, but these two fundamental commodities play an integral role in the ecosystem called life.

While one has purchasing power, the other gives birth to life as we know it.

The pun@ni, according to many s.e.xologists, is one of the most intriguing parts of the human body.

It comes in different sizes and shapes, much like there are various types of 4-5s.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, there are five types of pun@nis:

1. The open curtain

This is a pun@ni where the labia minora extends out past the labia majora either a little bit or a whole lot. It is the most common pun@ni among women.

2. The Barbie doll

This is the least common type of pun@ni as the labia minora are completely hidden inside the labia majora and both sets of lips rest on the pelvic bone.

3. Puffy

These look similar to the Barbie, but the lips sit lower on the pelvic bone and are either puffed up or thin and hanging.

4. The tulip

This flower-looking pun@ni has a labia minora which is slightly showing throughout the whole length of the labia majora.

5. The horseshoe

This type is when the pun@ni opening is wider at the top, which exposes the labia minora, but the labia majora touch towards the bottom and stop the labia minora from extending below them.

-daily sun

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