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TymeBank – What the next few months hold for SA’s first fully digital bank


Last week Amazon Web Services held its annual AWS Summit in Cape Town, with the company reaffirming its commitment to the region, as well as touching on several of the new technologies that it’s aiming to bring to the local enterprise landscape.

As part of the opening keynote, AWS also invited some customers to tell stories about the journeys taken with the firm to date, and what services in particular have held benefit. One such company was newcomer TymeBank, which also carries the distinction of being the country’s first fully digital bank, launching to the public in the beginning of the year.


TymeBank has only been in operation for a handful of months, but has already registered 500 000-plus customers in that time, with AWS assisting with core business needs.

To gain a better understanding of the challenges those first few months have brought, how AWS has helped develop the organisation, as well as what the rest of 2019 potentially holds, we spoke with chief information officer (CIO) Dieter Botha, who also presented to AWS Summit Cape Town attendees on the day.

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