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Twitter makes fun of the Pastor’s hairstyle #OurPerfectWedding


It is often said, “A family that prays together, stays together. Ayanda and Joseph are a true testament of this. The couple met during the Passover Conference at their church was back in 2012. He was the MC and his presence on stage was felt by Ayanda. Funny enough, he had also spotted her in the crowd. After the service, he walked up to her and introduced himself and contact numbers were exchanged. This was the start of something beautiful. Several Sundays after, he told her he’d like them to be friends forever, but she didn’t say much at that point. She needed to be sure about his intentions.

They both knew they wanted to do things the right way, so she suggested he talks to her parents. At first, her mom was a little sceptical but they eventually came around after a while. Lobola was paid and the couple moved in together. After a year, they had a son and a baby girl a few years later.

Ayanda and Joseph

His permit application took longer than he had anticipated and this came as a challenge because he was not able to return to South Africa after a visit home in 2015. Ayanda and the children had to return home, alone. His application was denied twice and when he was able to return to South Africa, he had a hard time tracking his family at first. Luckily, Joseph was able to track his family and after a while, they were able to start a business together, which they manage together.

In other news – South Africa’s lockdown restrictions could last months: report

South Africa’s 21-day lockdown period could be extended by between two and four months to manage the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak effectively, according to Rapport. The paper cited a report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which said that infections in South Africa will only peak in the beginning of June.

President Cyril Ramaphosa


The report said restrictions could realistically only be lifted somewhere between the end of June and the end of August. Countries which have been hardest hit, have extended their lockdown periods. Read more

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