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Twitter declares Buhle Samuels Hottest Woman in Mzansi

Buhle Samuels

While many of us are still trying to work off Christmas lunch by punishing ourselves in the gym, actress Buhle Samuels is out here serving serious #BodyGoals4Lyf. The weather may be miserable in several parts of Mzansi at the moment but it was hella hot on Buhle’s TL when she took to Twitter to post some snaps of her summer body.

Buhle Samuels

The snaps showed off Buhle’s curves as she posed in the kitchen and the flames nearly set the gas stove behind her alight.

Sis also posted a video of her walking towards the camera in her undies. We aren’t sure why exactly but we certainly aren’t complaining. When asked what motivated the flex, Buhle said there was nothing in particular but she wanted to show that women are definitely stunning gems everywhere!

Buhle Samuels

She jokingly thanked her momma and dad for her body and shared her secret. Make small changes that you can commit too. Then gradually keep adding more changes. That’s how I try maintain,” she wrote.

Buhle Samuels

She also hit back at claims that the music in the video was better placed in a Mexican gun-toting film, by explaining that it fits with her personality. The song is about a woman so it fits very well. Plus, I like the flamenco flair. It works all with the slow motion of the video, gives it my personality.”

Meanwhile, social media was a mess in reaction to the post.

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Tebogo Thobejane

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