Twitter accused Musa Mseleku’s wife MaYeni of being rude #Uthandonesthembu

Musa Mseleku’s wife MaYeni, has once again found herself trending on Twitter for the wrong reasons. This time around, the Uthendo Nes’thembu reality show star, is being bashed for being rude. Mseleku’s family dynamics and the drama that unfolds in the household keep viewers on the edge of their collective seats every time the show airs. In a teaser for next week’s episode, Mseluku plans a surprise gateway trip for his wives to thank them for throwing him a birthday party.

But, it seems it will end in tears as upon reaching their destination, the mood gets tense. This is a result of MaYeni’s attitude towards the other wives. The teaser shows his wives collecting their keys at the reception of the hotel where they will be staying. In a teasing gesture, Macele snatches MaYeni’s key and ruffles her feathers. A furious MaYeni is then heard saying, “I don’t tolerate nonsense.

Musa Mseleku and his wife Mayeni


As though that wasn’t enough, they are then seen playing a game to lighten up the mood, with MaYeni quickly turning the mood sour when asked who was the last person to picked up her child from school and she says no one.

MaCele slams her saying they should be considerate of each other. Viewers didn’t like her decision to not acknowledge the other wives. Her behavior also did not sit well with avid viewers of the show who quickly took to Twitter to accuse her of having a “stinking attitude” towards the other wives.

Source: Zalebs

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