Home Entertainment Tumi makes a big move to save her marriage #TheRiver1Magic

Tumi makes a big move to save her marriage #TheRiver1Magic

Lindani the River

When Tumi and Mabutho started fooling around, they probably didn’t think it would end in love. At first, it was all just plain fun for the two of them. However, things escalated and Mabutho caught feelings. After they were busted by the Lindani and the Dikana family, Mabutho made it clear that he and Tumi are in love. Shocking, right?

Tumi moves back to Refilwe
At this point, Mabutho didn’t really care about others and was only concerned about his feelings for Tumi. “I’m sorry, but I love Tumi,” Mabutho told Lindani. He obviously didn’t take this well and he was surprised by the fact that his own cousin would betray him like this. Even worse, Tumi had made him believe that he was to blame for their marital problems.


How did Tumi explain her way out of this one? Well, she didn’t take full responsibility for her actions and played the victim. “I was frustrated because I kept telling you I didn’t want to change.” Lindani moved back home to Refilwe and Tumi found herself heartbroken and alone. But she wasn’t ready to quit on her marriage and was prepared to do anything to get Lindani to forgive her. She did the most unexpected thing and packed her bags and followed her husband to Refilwe in order to make things right.

Lindani forgives his cheating wife
Although Lindani wanted nothing to do with his wife, Tumi just wouldn’t take no for an answer. She begged, apologised and even told him that the cheating was a once-off thing. While it’s great she’s trying to fix her marriage, it doesn’t seem like it’s coming from the right place. The way we see it, Tumi is only doing this to clear her guilty conscience. Does she love Lindani? Yes. Does she still want to stay married to him? We’re not so convinced.

Whether she really wants her marriage to work or not doesn’t matter right now because Lindani just cannot imagine living without Tumi. He eventually forgave her, and we guess this is what “for better or worse” looks like? Will he still want to make things work now that he’s discovered that Tumi and Mabutho’s affair went on for weeks, and not just once? Tumi never seems to learn that lies always catch up with you.

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