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Govt of Eswatini to rescue students stranded in the US

Thuli Dladla

The government of Eswatini has arranged an aircraft to transport Swati nationals living and studying in the US back to the country, Foreign Affairs Minister Thuli Dladla said. The group of 32 people was expected to arrive in Eswatini on Saturday afternoon. The have been stranded overseas because of the outbreak of the coronavirus. These Emaswati have bought air tickets to Ethiopia. From there, government will transport them home,” she said.

“Upon arrival, they will be tested and quarantined in line with prevailing regulations. We have undertaken an exercise to register all Emaswati in the diaspora and in particular students without means of survival and who may be vulnerable at this difficult time.

“Currently, our register stands at just over 700 students across the globe who have self-registered or who have been registered by a next of kin. The high commission of Eswatini in Pretoria has commenced registration of Emaswati in urgent need of repatriation. The Swazi Observer reported that King Mswati III has offered the jet Siyinqaba 2 to be used to fetch Emaswati who are stranded overseas because of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

According to the newspaper report, Eswatini nationals in the US requested the assistance of the government to return home while the situation stabilises and institutions of higher learning reopen to admit students registered to complete their academic programmes. Previously relaxed lockdown measures to curb the spread of coronavirus would be strengthened with effect from Friday, following an increase in the number of confirmed cases.


Meanwhile, Commerce Minister Manqoba Khumalo has announced the revocation of operational permits for non-essential services with effect from April 24 in line with the strengthened partial lockdown measures. Businesses that will no longer be allowed to operate are car dealerships, casinos, photographic studios, agents and consultants, dry cleaners, driving schools, furniture shops, general dealers that do not sell food items, car wash businesses and clothing shops.

Khumalo said retail outlets selling baby essentials, stationery shops, automobile workshops, spares, breakdown services and construction would continue to operate under strict conditions.

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Shauwn Mkhize

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