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Trillian ordered to pay nearly R600 million to Eskom


Eskom looks set to get nearly R600-million from consulting firm Trillian.

The North Gauteng High Court issued a ruling a little earlier which states several decisions linked to Trillian were unlawful and invalid.

Trillian was accused of pocketing large fees for very little work.

It was run by Salim Essa before he sold his controlling stake.

Essa is an associate of the controversial Gupta family.

Trillian was paid R698-million by Eskom in 2016 at the instruction of global consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

McKinsey & Company agreed to repay R902-million it earned from the utility without a valid contract.


G9 Forensics conducted an inquiry in 2017 into the transactions between Eskom and Trillian.

G9 MD Rajie Murugan blamed the board tender committee for the “mess” of the Trillian payments and believed there was prima facie evidence that one or more Trillian directors were guilty of possible criminal conduct, fraud and money-laundering.

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