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Trevor Noah agrees with Julius Malema on xenophobia in SA

Julius Malema and trevor Noah

The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah has posted a video of EFF leader Julius Malema during a press briefing regarding the xenophobic attacks in the country. Noah and Malema have had a tumultuous relationship, with Noah having previously compared the EFF leader to President Donald Trump. And while they might not see eye-to-eye on many things, this time Noah gave his stamp of approval for Malema’s thoughts regarding where xenophobic attacks could lead to.

In the video, Malema starts by saying that once the xenophobic attacks are done with foreign nationals, such as Nigerians and Zimbabweans, the anger will turn to small tribes within the country.

Trevor Noah

And that smaller tribes such as the Shangaan people will be victims too and that once the foreign nationals are out of the country, depending on the province, people will start blaming other tribes for the unemployment crisis. He uses the example of telling Zulu people to go back to KZN and Xhosa people to return to the Eastern Cape since there will be “no foreigners left to fight”.

Julius Malema

But poverty, hunger and inequality will remain, he says, adding he had mentioned that taking foreign nationals out of the country will not solve the unemployment crisis in the country.

Those who believe it would make a difference are believing in a myth.\ Malema goes on to say he will not be joining anyone who physically harms another African person, including white people in the country. “The xenophobic attacks are uncalled for and barbaric.”

He ends the clip by mentioning that Uyinene’s murder accused was a South African.

Watch the video clip below:

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