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Kelly Khumalo is suffering and the public is finally sympathising with her

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo’s whole world came crumbling down when she and Chad ended things – A post Kelly recently made on social media showed the world just how badly she is suffering – Seeing her pain, the public put their shade-throwing in their back pockets and showed Kelly some love.

Kelly Khumalo
Kelly Khumalo has been going through a real dark patch ever since her and Chad da Don split. For the first time in a long time, the people of Mzansi have shown Kelly some sympathy. The public have torn Kelly apart when it comes to her love life. After all the trauma Kelly has been through in her past relationships, people believe that she is cursed as a bad omen.

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly has on countless occasions expressed that she does not care what the public thinks of her, however, when you have has as much shade thrown on you as Kelly has, you’re bound to break at some point.

Kelly Khumalo

When Kelly started dating Chad she counted her lucky stars as she believed that she had found the one. For the first time in years Kelly finally felt like something good had happened to her, and then it all fell apart.


Taking to social media, Kelly shared another black and white snap of herself where she poured out her emotions in the caption. Just by looking at this picture and reading the words in the caption, you can tell that your girl is not doing well.

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