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Should Women Train Differently from Men?

Should women train differently from men? Coaches Holly and Morgan decided they were long overdue for a female-specific training video—full of key information about your cycle, how it affects your training energy and what you can do to feel your best all month long.

When it comes to exercise, modern-day women are showing men a thing or two about being strong and fit. And it’s not only elite athletes — there are just as many female weekend warriors and hard-core gym devotees as males.

There are important physical and physiological differences between the two sexes, such as hormones, the amount of muscle we naturally carry and base-level strength.

So does that mean we need to train differently?

The short answer is no.

Ladies can hit it just as hard as men during exercise — however, there are a few tweaks they can make to get more out of their workouts.
In general, no exercise or training method is off-limits to ladies, unless they’re injured or it doesn’t work for them structurally. But that also applies to men.
For example, if you’re very flexible (hypermobile), it means the ligaments surrounding your joints are loose, putting the joints at risk of damage.

“That means you might have to decrease how far you go into certain exercises, to protect your hips, shoulders and knees.

While lordosis and hypermobile joints are far more common in women, it’s important to know that men can experience them too.

And ladies, oestrogen acts like an anti-inflammatory, so you might not feel injuries as quickly as you should. If you do feel aches and pains from exercise, don’t ignore them.

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