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Top Reasons to Consider Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt

Whether you are new to the Six Sigma industry, or you already have some level of experience with the tools and methodologies, there is the likelihood that you have heard about the Black Belt certification. The Six Sigma – Black Belt credential is one of the top achievements you can make in your career. As a matter of fact, many employers see the Black Belt holders as high-level professionals who possess skills and expertise to manage different projects. Obtaining the Six Sigma –Black Belt certification will not only enhance your potentials in the workforce but also boost your knowledge level that will act as a springboard to your desired career goal.

There are many reasons why you might consider earning the Black Belt certification. First and most important, it has the potential to distinguish you in the career world. Undoubtedly, achieving credentials is a great way to highlight your resume for a better job opportunity in the competitive job market. It will help to distinguish from other specialists, and it gives you an edge in the salary negotiation process. In this guide, we look at some of the top reasons why it is a good idea to consider pursuing the Prepaway Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

  • Opportunity for More Challenging Roles

No doubt, professionals with credentials are believed to have more experience and knowledge than their non-certified colleagues. With the Black Belt certification, you will be perceived as a superior professional who can handle challenging improvement projects in your organization. Going through the Black Belt certification process comes with the preparation designed to develop your skills and knowledge about the subject. If you are really interested in taking up more challenging roles in your organization, you should consider taking the Six Sigma Black Belt credential.

  • More Leadership Opportunities

With the Black Belt certification, you have the opportunity to explore many leadership opportunities. If you are passionate about taking lead roles in your place of work, earning this credential is a great way to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to deliver when given the chance to lead. Of course, with your credential and proficiency in solving business process improvement problems, you can be sure of getting lead roles in your organization. Take the opportunity offered by this certification, boost your leadership skills, and become a potential senior project manager in your organization.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge of DMAIC

The basics of the Six Sigma and Lean methodology is detailed in the DMAIC approach: Define/Measure/Analyze/Improve/Control. Although you might have had some basic knowledge about the DMAIC prior to taking the Black Belt certification, by going through the process of the credential, you will be able to have thorough knowledge on these principles and the process of perfecting them.

  • Enhance Communication Skills

A leader is supposed to have high-level communication skills. By going through the process of the certification, you will be able to grow your communication skills significantly. Taking the credential requires some form of formal learning, which will expose you to other project managers. When you will meet other professionals in your league, you will have an opportunity to interact with them. Interacting with high-level professionals require excellent communication skills, so even if you don’t have the top-notch skills required, you will strive to learn and become better.

  • Opportunity to Become a Business Leader

Professionals with a low level of the Six Sigma certification are usually taken through efficiency improvement and quality management. However, taking Black Belt requires in-depth knowledge of business requirements and capabilities to be able to handle them. By earning this credential, you can prove that you have the prerequisite to becoming a leader in your organization and your field of work. There are many positions that are opened to specialists with this level of expertise. This means that when you have Black Belt on your resume, you can easily get leading positions in the organization of your choice.

  • Improved Technical Knowledge

This certification is designed to improve your knowledge level on the technical details of handling improvement projects and business processes. Passing the exam requires that you understand different analysis software and data programming. These skills and expertise can be easily transported into real-world work scenario, which is the major benefit of earning the credential. It is not all about learning the theoretical aspect of Lean and Six Sigma. It is more about working with the principles and methodology of Six Sigma in real-life situations.

  • Enhanced Skills in Customer Relations

Professionals with the Black Belt certification are the face of their companies. They are usually the first contact that deals with providing solutions to customers’ complaints and issues on services or products. Going through the credential process allows you to explore how to handle different needs and requests of your customers. You will be equipped with the right tools to provide the needed solutions to them.

  • Greater Understanding of Competition

In all businesses, one of the key stakeholders that must be put in the right perspective is the competition. Without a proper understanding of your competitors, there is no way you will be able to manage them. As a Black Belt professional, you will be required to analyze your business competitors and utilize innovative methods to keep them at bay while increasing your market value and share. There are inherent skills that will be learned in the process of preparing for the certification exam that will be of utmost help for you in dealing with your business competitors.


The Six Sigma – Black Belt certification is one of the credentials that can impact greatly on your career. With this certificate, you can easily climb the ladder of success. There are many possibilities that are open to you as a certified professional and the salary potentials are also very well above average. If you have a passion for leadership in your career pursuit, you should consider the Black Belt certification.